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An effective job search needs help from all sides to be successful.  Make sure you aren’t overlooking one powerful source of assistance.

An army of prayer warriersThere are literally thousands of articles, books, podcasts, webinars, videos and seminars that provide guidance and tips for job seekers.  Just type in the term “Job search tips,” using your favorite search engine and be prepared for thousands and millions of responses.  Just now I performed this search and in only 0.40 seconds about 771,000,000 results popped up (yes, that’s 771 million).  It’s amazing when you thing about it! [click to continue…]

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You may have felt largely in control while carrying out the duties of your most recent job.  If you had a supervisory position you probably controlled the time and activities of others.

Out of Control in Your Job SearchHowever, now that your circumstances have changed, you may feel anything but in control of your life, particularly as it relates to your job search.

You may feel that loss of control because: [click to continue…]


A famous legend tells the story of six blind men who approach an elephant for the first time.

An Elephant Can Help your Job SearchIn an effort to understand the nature of the elephant, each blind man touched the elephant in a different place and described what he felt.  [click to continue…]


How high in priority should wages or salary be on your checklist for your next job?  It’s certainly reasonable to be fairly compensated for your work, but don’t fall into the trap of trusting in your future earnings or seeking out a higher paying job for the wrong reasons.

Lure of Higher-paying JobIn fact, you may have seen your retirement fund plummet due to a downturn in the financial market.  You may have invested [click to continue…]


Have you ever caught yourself saying this statement in frustration when looking back on your former job?  If so, you’ve got good company.  After unexpectedly losing their employment, many people resort to fondly remembering the “great job” they used to do.

Move beyond your past jobIn fact, you may have been a stellar, best-ever employee who was far superior to anyone else who did your job.  You may have even gotten very positive performance reviews or won an award for your work.  Yet suddenly you are no longer doing what you were so good at doing not that long ago.

“Maybe I really wasn’t that good.  Maybe others just told me that to make me feel good.”  What are you to do with these feelings of loss and possible whacks to your self-esteem. [click to continue…]