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Are You Seeking a Job with Riches?

How high in priority should wages or salary be on your checklist for your next job?  It’s certainly reasonable to be fairly compensated for your work, but don’t fall into the trap of trusting in your future earnings or seeking out a higher paying job for the wrong reasons.

Lure of Higher-paying JobIn fact, you may have seen your retirement fund plummet due to a downturn in the financial market.  You may have invested at a time when it seemed like such a certain thing for the value to keep going up.  But, watch out.  God tells us to only trust in Him, not uncertain riches.

“Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.”  (I Timothy 6:17  NIV)

When you are seeking out new job opportunities, or deciding between two offers (how fortunate), here are a few guidelines you might use to help determine where on your priority list, compensation should be placed.

1.  Are you seeking out a position primarily based on how much money you can make?

Beware of this trap.  Although modern-day society idolizes those who make the big bucks, a danger of basing a job decision primarily on income is that in the process you will sacrifice more important and eternal considerations such as how you can best carry out the role Christ has for you while you are on this earth.

2.  Will your family be strengthened or weakened by the higher-paying job?

Some jobs that offer greater income require extended work hours or frequent travel away from home.  Will the job you are considering take too much time away from family-enriching time and activities?

3.  Will your relationship with God be strengthened by such a job?

Will you be able to deepen your relationship with God while carrying out the duties and requirements of this job?   Consider such elements as time, ethical and moral dynamics, and existing commitments you have made to your church family.

4.  Does the higher-paying job best use your God-given talents and skills?

God has supplied you with unique aptitudes, abilities and skills.  Will the job you are seeking out allow you to optimize their use?

5.  Will your ability to share the Good News with others be enhanced?

I’m not suggesting that the workplace is the appropriate venue for openly sharing the Gospel with others, but the relationships you form in the workplace often lead to opportunities to share your love for God with others around you.  Will the higher-paying job you are considering provide more such opportunities?

6.  Will you be able to provide more time and money to advance God’s kingdom?

Sometimes the lure of higher wages masks the real net result.  For instance, your take-home pay may be greater than before, but other expenses such as childcare, clothing, car payments, commuting expenses and food costs may actual go up as much or more than the increase in pay.

Carefully and prayerfully answer the above questions as you continue your job search or if you are at a crossroads deciding between two job offers.  Then, place your hope and decision in God’s hands, not in riches or honor.


By Keith Lundquist

For more blogs and related resources on building your faith during a job search, go to www.FaithBetweenJobs.com


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