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You may be inadvertently standing in your own way while searching for a job.

When asked by friends how your job hunt is going, you may cite obstacles such as the economy, too tight of a job market or hiring managers that are just too picky.  In fact, you may be your own worst enemy.

Your Own Worst EnemyTake the quiz below by answering the questions with a simple yes or no

1.  You know you are well connected.

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Does everything seem so different to you since you lost your job?  Does it seem like nothing in your life is stable anymore?

Everything in fluxYour routine has changed.  Your colleagues whom you depended upon are no longer as available.  You are probably wearing different clothes than you were at your last job.  Perhaps your bedtime and your wake-up times have changed as well.  If you are married, you’re seeing your spouse at different times of the day or night (maybe that’s been a surprise to you, or maybe to both of you).  When you go to the store to shop for groceries, even the shoppers look different than the ones you used to see when you were grabbing a snack on the way to work.

Routine can be comforting.  Having it displaced is tough.  Here are a couple of suggestions [click to continue…]


Do you find it hard to call on others to help you with your job search?  In your mind you know that you should probably reach out by phone or email to a recruiter or former colleague, but you don’t want to appear to be pushy.  After all, if the tables were turned, you probably wouldn’t want to be hounded by someone appearing to be needy looking for a job.

Enlisting Others in Your Job SearchIf you find yourself in this situation, there is an easy answer to meaningful enlist the help of others in your job search.  First, try a different strategy from what you may be using now.  Think of those prospective hirers, referral sources or influencers and instead of thinking “What are the ways they can help me in my job search?” flip the question over to “How can I be of help to them?” [click to continue…]

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The primary focus of any successful job search should be to expend most of your energy pursuing those job opportunities that will best match your skills, education and experience.  However, you may want to consider a back up “Plan B,” particularly if you have been out of work for an extended period of time.

Plan B Job SearchContinue to search out new job openings and leads, but also consider ways to supplement your income in the process.  In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Perhaps earlier in your life you worked in landscaping or were a clerk in a retail store.  Maybe you worked in construction or in an office.  Well, now may be the time to consider falling back on your earlier skills by seeking out a part-time position while you continue to spend time on your primary search. [click to continue…]


Although you may have recently lost your earthly job, you haven’t lost your God-given job.  It’s natural to be struggling with the dynamics of losing your job.  After all, there are the everyday realities of family, finances and altered relationships that act as constant reminders of your job status change.

God has a Job for YouHowever, there is another reality for believers that trumps any earthly job.  God has an ongoing job for you regardless of your worldly job status.  It’s a job that you are uniquely qualified to fill and one that provides immediate and eternal benefits. [click to continue…]

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