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Looking for your next job while looking in the rear-view mirror of your mind is not recommended.  And, unless you’re actually driving a car in reverse, don’t spend time and energy looking at what’s behind you.

Looking for a Job in Your Rearview MirrorI have talked with a number of job seekers who just can’t seem to put their mental rear-view mirror away for good.  [click to continue…]


While diligently looking for a new job, have you inadvertently caught the disease of “rejectionitis?”  It just doesn’t seem like anyone is hiring anymore.  If they are, they don’t want you.

Overcoming Rejection During Your Job SearchYou can probably recite all the rejection email language you have received almost by heart:

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“To dream the impossible dream,” are familiar lyrics to a song vocalized by Don Quixote in the musical Man of La Mancha.  However, for job seekers, dreaming about landing an “impossible job” may seem to be a waste of time.  After all, any job is better than no job when you find yourself unexpectedly out of work.  Right?

Pursue the impossible jobIn our human frailty, many things may seem impossible.   At one time you may have thought that your previous job was one that would last forever.  You might be thinking, “How could they get along without me?”  Well, now you know, and that “forever job” has crumbled away. [click to continue…]


Most career consultants will encourage you to make connects as a primary strategy for finding a job.  I agree with that networking advice.  We are a connected society, and key to successful job seeking is all about knowing and making personal connections with others in a meaningful way.

Purposeful InterviewingEstimates by recruiters are that up to 80 percent of all job openings are “hidden,” and as such they are never posted.  Why is that?  [click to continue…]


Perhaps you feel like you are operating in the dark with portions of your job search.  No matter how many times you have filled out job applications or conducted an updated search for new job openings you never see much light being produced from your efforts.  If so, you’re not alone.

Job Search in the DarkThomas A. Edison, the American inventor of the quadruplex telegraph system, the phonograph and a telephone transmitter, is perhaps best known for inventing the first commercially practical incandescent electric light bulb.  After testing more than 1,600 materials for the right filament, including coconut fiber, fishing line, and even hairs from a friend’s beard, [click to continue…]